Code of Conduct Policy 1 of 6

1. General points

Selection Policies, Playing time and competitive games

Headley is an inclusive club and seeks to provide an environment, wherever possible, for all children to enjoy playing the game irrespective of ability. In this regard we do follow the FA guidelines for playing time, selection policies and competitive fixtures as detailed below;

U7 age group through to U11

  • At these age groups the aim is to ensure not only the development and progression of the children involved but also their enjoyment and fun of the game. Games at these age groups are classified as non-competitive, non-results based and Managers/Coaches will where possible endeavour to allow players to get at least 50% of playing time. The two exceptions to this are;
  • the competitive cup competitions where coaches will continue to include all available players in the squad but may choose to vary playing time of the players and;
  • where a Manager/Coach identifies that a child’s progressive development has not reached a certain level whereby it could compromise their safety on the field of play they may in consultation with the parent elect not to play the child
  • At these age groups the Clubs role is to help players understand the Laws of the game, develop their personal skills in the four corners of the game (Technical, Psychological, Physical and Social) enable them to be listened to and feel success. Whilst not forgetting they appreciate and demonstrate good sportsmanship, form relationships and work together as part of a team. 9 V 9 Football at U11 age group still primarily focuses on the development of the player rather than the result of the match.

For U12 age group and above

  • U12 – U18 football is classified as competitive football whereby Managers/Coaches can select the team based on abilities.

Paying by instalments

  • In exceptional circumstances the club will agree to players paying for their annual membership in four instalments. Players wishing to do this must speak to their coach to agree this first. If on an instalment plan the following will apply;
  • Annual membership will be split across four payments collected by CPA. If at the end of November monies are outstanding then that player will not be eligible to play in any games until the balance has been settled unless this has been explicitly raised by the coach and agreed with the Committee.

Deciding to leave the club / Refund of annual membership

We understand circumstances change and players may need or want to stop playing for their team at Headley. Out of courtesy we request that in such circumstance’s players, or their parents/guardians notify their coach in writing of their intent to leave. In the event of player electing to leave the following will apply (subject to no other fees being owed by that player to the club);

  1. Decisions to leave notified prior to the 31st of January will be reimbursed on a pro rata basis with each full month remaining through to the official end of the season as per Hampshire FA publicised dates being reimbursed
  2. Notifications after 31st of January will not be subject to any refund of the annual membership payment
  3. Upon leaving, players can be required to return all kit and equipment provided by Headey Youth FC including but not limited to: Home kit, away kit, training equipment, gloves, water bottles, balls etc.


Arrangements may be made to collect and return children to specific pick up points. The Club’s responsibility stops and starts at these points. It is your responsibility to arrange safe travel to and from the pick-up points. If you are ever delayed in collecting your child, please make every effort to contact the Club contact or the escorting helpers so we can discuss arrangements for your child.

Non-Football Activities

There may be occasions when your child is involved in planned and structured non-football activities such as a trip to the cinema, bowling or participating in a fund-raising event. The Club will have collected appropriate information in preparation for the activity (e.g. about the journey, the children’s various needs and helper skills), identified any potential risks or dangers, minimised the risks and dangers by careful planning and precautions and made sure we know who is responsible for putting precautions into place (e.g. who will carry the First aid kit). This process is called a risk assessment.

Remote Supervision

There may be occasions when your child is involved in planned and structured unsupervised non-football activities (e.g. shopping trips whilst on tour). Players will only be permitted to participate in these activities if they are considered appropriate to do so. You will be informed prior to the event if any form of remote supervision will take place for such activities and the nature of these activities.

Photographs and recorded images

Headley Youth Football Club recognises the need to ensure the welfare and safety of all Young People. As part of this commitment adhere to the FA guidelines, permit photographs, video images or other images of Young People to be taken. We adhere to The FA Guidelines to ensure these are safe and respectful and used solely for the purposes for which they are intended, which is promotion and celebration of the activities of the Club and for training purposes.

If you do not wish your child to be photographed, please inform the Team Manager and Club Secretary.